Sunday, October 31, 2010

End of October

The kids' birthdays both went well.
For Hannah's birthday we took all the kids plus two of Hannah's friends to Lollipops Playland. They played for about 3 hours (!!) and then we all ate dinner with Nana, Uncle Mike, Olga, and the girls' parents. Hannah was pleased with her presents (she had been quite specific in her requests as usual!) and enjoyed the company of Abigail and Joanna.
For Michael's birthday he chose to play at Chipmunks (another indoor playland) with my cousin's children; Caleb and Jacob. Craig and Tim supervised while the women stayed at home and prepared dinner. It was a welcome break from childcare for us. Michael loved his presents...a kite, a lightsaber, nerf guns, magic tricks, etc. The poor kid couldn't eat much dinner or birthday cake as he was recovering from a tummy bug which had kept him home from school for 4 days (on only 1 of those days was he puking).
Next: Harry Potter!, Craig's b'day, Thanksgiving, Uncle Mike's b'day, Christmas, Papa's b'day...

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