Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Retrospect

If you ever have the chance you should definitely read J. Hudson Taylor's autobiography. It's title is "A Retrospect". It is one of the most humbling and inspiring books I've ever read. His faith in the Lord and his burden for the gospel took my breath away.

Here is an excerpt:
"Many years ago, probably about 1830, the heart of
my dear father, then himself an earnest and successful
evangelist at home, was deeply stirred as to the spiritual
state of China by reading several books, and especially
an account of the travels of Captain Basil Hall. His
circumstances were such as to preclude the hope of his
ever going to China for personal service, but he was led
to pray that if GOD should give him a son, he might be
called and privileged to labour in the vast needy empire
which was then apparently so sealed against the truth.
I was not aware of this desire or prayer myself until my
return to England, more than seven years after I had
sailed for China ; but it was very interesting then to know
how prayer offered before my birth had been answered in
this matter."

Here is a free legal copy of the book (pdf):

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