Tuesday, July 27, 2010


James is now officially a walker. He's been walking steadily for the last week...though he still crawls when he's in a hurry. It's enjoyable having a little toddler in the house again. He's so sweet to watch.
Some of his favorite things currently are: the vacuum cleaner, a toy that has a hose attached, any pencil he can get his hands on, the computer mouse, and the DVD wallet.
He has an amazing laugh which he let loose at the toy store recently while watching John play with marbles on a marble ramp. Every time John would put a marble on the ramp, John would crack up laughing. It was so adorable.
James' eczema has been quite bothersome, so I have been forced to put socks on his hands at sleep time and during particularly itchy periods throughout the day...poor little thing. We have an appointment with the allergist next week, but I don't feel very hopeful that we'll get a lot of help. It's all so frustrating.

John is a sweet handful. He always seems to be in trouble for one thing or another...jumping a cup of juice up and down, hitting siblings, sticking hands in his milk, throwing toys around...for the most part everything is done good-naturedly; he just doesn't seem to consider the consequences of his actions.
His favorite things at the moment are dragons. He loves movies about dragons, pictures of dragons, dragon toys, dragons made of plasticine, dragons made of pipecleaners...anything dragon. He'll even take his dragon picture-of-the-day with him in the car to the mall if possible.

Michael and Hannah are both busy with school work during the day. They like drawing, playing together, and playing on the computer. They are both playing soccer, but neither of them are particularly aggressive and they both just tag along behind whoever is actually trying to get the ball. Here's a poem that seems to describe Michael's games fairly well:

Peewee Soccer
By Robert Pottle

Christopher is counting clouds.
Hannah braids her hair.
Peter’s playing peekaboo.
Greg growls like a bear.

Kevin kicks with all his might,
and though the ball stays put,
his sneaker sails across the field
to land near Roger’s foot.

Billy Brown is looking down.
He sees a four-leaf clover.
Billy wants to pick the plant,
and that’s why he bends over.

We see the ball bounce off his bum
and then sail toward the goal.
The goalie gets confused.
We watch him stop then drop and roll.

The other team lets out a cheer
and our team starts to scream
as Billy’s bottom scores a goal
for the other team.


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