Sunday, April 18, 2010

First Games of the Season

Today both Hannah and Michael had their first soccer games of the season. Craig and Michael headed out the door just after 8am (if you knew our family, you'd know that this is a slight miracle) to meet Michael's team on the field. Nana and Grandpa showed up to add to the cheerleading squad and everyone had a great time. Michael suffered his first sports related injury - a soccer ball smack to the face - but he handled it manfully and made us all proud by soldiering on.  They almost gave him player of the day because of his bravery! His team didn't win but we were so happy with how the game went for Mikey.
Hannah's game started at 10am. John, James, and I managed to get out the door to see her game. This was the first time that Hannah had even met her team mates as we had not made it to any practices (due to illness and bad communication). She was happy to discover that one of the girls on her team used to be in her class at school...nice to have a familiar face! Hannah's team won (a special thanks should go to the goalie!) and Hannah had fun. We'll probaby practice a little at home in terms of speed and aggression :-). Hannah did make one great play - she got the ball away from an amazon giant of a girl - go Han!

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