Wednesday, March 10, 2010


John continues to keep our lives interesting with his mischievousness, naughtiness, expressiveness, and general two year-oldness.

Latest antics include throwing at large rock (that almost qualified as a boulder) at a neighbor's cat, attempting to spray the cat with a hose, trying to stand on the cat's tail with gumboots on (rain boots), allowing his scissors to get a little too close to the cat's whiskers for Mommy's comfort (luckily this attempt was thwarted), snatching his siblings toys and making a run for it, and hiding under his sister's bed while sucking on a balloon he found under there (safety alert!).

Two days ago John told me that Daddy was scratching his turns out that he meant Daddy's leg hairs not his facial hairs.

Yesterday John informed me that the cat had scratched him and broken his finger...he also claimed that the cat had attacked him.  While I don't doubt he may have deserved any "cat attack" that may have occurred, there were no marks to back up his story.  :-D

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