Saturday, January 23, 2010

Adventures With John

Ahh John, dear little John...
Here's a recap of today with our 2 3/4 yo.

  • He left two stretchy rubber lizards on the printer's paper tray. I of course did not notice this until after I clicked on *print*. The result was one very black lizard, toner (black powder) on the desk and printer cartridge, an early morning vacuum, and two unamused parents (though it is amusing in hindsight...because the printer doesn't seem to have been damaged!).
  • He quietly went into Hannah's room and spilled the entire bag of mouse food all over the carpet...we are lucky that our mice are so fat and lazy, because he opened the cage door, piled in food, and then left it open.
  • He smashed open a toy that had some colored liquid inside it. It dripped strong smelling (permanent marker-type odor) all over the carpet and coffee table...I hope it wasn't too poisonous!
  • He broke the tail off one of his stretchy lizards.
  • He spilled his juice.
  • He peed in his undies (but he's still potty training so I wasn't surprised).
From these things you might get the impression that he is not supervised...actually he was within viewing range for all but the mouse food incident.

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